Confessions of a Chronic Depressive: the book

The paperback version of my book is finished and now available on Amazon!

It is also available as an ebook on AmazonitunesBarnes and NobleGoogle, and Kobo.

It is a collection of pieces about my struggles with chronic major depression and the things I’ve learned over the last 15 years of pain and perseverence. I am inspired by my fellow chronic depressives and all of those who struggle to survive mental illness. You are not alone. Sending you love and strength.


Confessions of a Chronic Depressive: a record of struggle and perseverance

Things looked bleak. I was out of medication, without a doctor, and beginning to find daily life more and more difficult. I was fragile, on edge, fatigued, isolated. I was facing another breakdown, and it seemed inevitable. I knew that if it all became too much, if I didn’t get help, I was going to give in. So, in a final effort to of perseverance, I went public. I decided to tell my story, share the lessons I had learned, and try to support anyone else who felt like me just in case I didn’t survive this time.

This book is a collection of the author’s blog posts, providing an inside look at chronic depression. It is a must-read catalog of self-reflection for those who are suffering from depression—and for those who love them and don’t know how to help. It is also a reminder that openness can lead to healing and honesty can be life changing.”