Thankful 2016

If there has ever been a more difficult year in my life to be thankful than 2016, I can’t remember it. Ada went from being medically healthy in 2015 to being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and generalized and separation anxieties. I had just barely recovered from my own medical issue–facing off against depression again–when Ada’s diagnosis plunged me back in to the cold waters of depression.

But I fought. I focused on Ada’s needs and learned to accept her diagnosis just in time for her anxieties to become debilitating. But now we are making progress there, too. And I self-published a book! That is certainly something to be thankful for. More importantly to me though, I have been writing and posting on my blog throughout all of 2016. Despite my mental ups and downs this year, I kept writing (although there were some dry spells). I am proud of the work. I am thankful for how it helps me process my emotions, fight back my depression, feel valuable, and feel confident that I can keep going.

The last thing I want to mention is how thankful I am for all of you here on facebook and the blog. Our interactions are sometimes the highlight of my (at times lonely) stay at home days. I have hope because so many of you remind me of two wonderful things: 1. Each of us is truly unique. Some of us are better at showing it (ha!), but no two of you–and there are over 500 of you–are the same. How amazing and inspiring! 2. Despite all of the differences among you, many of us share some important qualities. Namely, I see most of you as loving and kind, encouraging and supportive. 

I make myself a bit of an open book on facebook and the blog. It is very intentional. I attempt to be as honest as possible while still using good judgement in order to attempt to stay accessible to people. I find that people value honesty, and if I’m always happy or productive in my online persona, then I am not being honest about my depression or myself.

And lastly, I need a supportive, available community for love and inspiration–you pick me up when I am down and you rejoice with me in my successes. Thank you–all of you–for indulging me, engaging me, and encouraging me. I’m truly thankful for you. 


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