Excerpt from new ebook post “Who I Am”

I often get asked about why I didn’t take my husband’s last name when I got married 8 years ago (today!). I discuss it briefly in my new post on identity “Who I Am,” which will appear in the forthcoming ebook. Enjoy this little preview of another heartfelt post/chapter:

From 2001-2008, I made great strides in my goal to know and understand myself. During that time I had earned my bachelor’s degree and was working on my master’s degree. I had been able to travel and study while making friends, although I had suffered with my depression off an on. I felt that I finally understood Laura Grace Dykes–the unique being known by that name. So when I got married in 2008, I was quite resistant to changing my name. Yes, I am a feminist, and I feel that women should do whatever they want with their names, but my desire to keep my name was less political. I had worked hard over the last few years to understand Laura Grace Dykes, and now that I knew her, I didn’t want her to change. It is silly, I know, because it is just a name, but I felt like changing my name wouldn’t give my hard work the acknowledgment it deserved. And 8 years later I am still very pleased with my decision. I still feel that my name is the best label for me, and if I changed it I wouldn’t love it quite as much because I wouldn’t remember all the work and struggle behind owning it.
Keep fighting and love yourself!


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