Ebook project

I’m working on an ebook project! I have decided to take roughly 25 of my best posts and put them together in a collection. I intend to include new material and will also be doing some editing. Parts of my blog are now private as a result. If I find time to blog as well as work on the book, then I will continue to post here. I will also try to be more active on my Confessions of a Chronic Depressive facebook page, so feel free to follow me on facebook.

My plan is to use all the money raised by the ebook toward getting my daughter a diabetic alert dog. The book will be cheap, I promise! I just want to use my work toward helping my girl.

I hope you all understand and will stick by me as I complete this project close to my heart. I hope you’ll buy and share my book or donate to my daughter’s fundraiser.

If you have any ideas regarding content you’d like to see in the book that I have not covered before or haven’t covered thoroughly enough, PLEASE message me with questions or ideas. I’d love to write more new content to add to the collection.

Much love to you all, and I will keep you updated.


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